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About Varied / Hobbyist Because we all do, in our own special way.Female/Greece Groups :iconarmageddonnow: ArmageddonNow
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Elemental Line Up by SheWhoShines Elemental Line Up :iconshewhoshines:SheWhoShines 1 2
Mature content
Chapter Five :iconshewhoshines:SheWhoShines 0 1
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A Moment at Home
I never needed to ask myself why I love him.  I never bothered to think about it once I knew, because it wasn’t something I regretted or agonized over.  It was a simple fact, this little warm glow prickling in my chest.
The first day I met him he was a mess.  A right pertty one sure, but a nervous maniac nevertheless.  Since then, he’s broken down more times than I can count.  But every time he builds himself up again he gets straighter, stronger.  Less lopsided.  He needed to realize it’s up to him—everything, the world, who he was, where he would go.
…who he would love.
Not that he loves me yet.  Still workin’ on that bit.  I hope we get there.  He probably doesn’t he even know the way I feel about him yet.  He’s so oblivious.  He ain’t dumb, he’s really not, he’s just lazy.  He’s lived in a really wacky wild crazy topsy turvy world, I guess
:iconshewhoshines:SheWhoShines 1 3
Cordelia, Vampire Swan by SheWhoShines Cordelia, Vampire Swan :iconshewhoshines:SheWhoShines 1 2 Lady by SheWhoShines Lady :iconshewhoshines:SheWhoShines 0 1 Magazine Portrait by SheWhoShines Magazine Portrait :iconshewhoshines:SheWhoShines 2 1 Rainbow retake by SheWhoShines Rainbow retake :iconshewhoshines:SheWhoShines 0 1 Rainbow by SheWhoShines Rainbow :iconshewhoshines:SheWhoShines 1 1
Bin ich mehr als wollte dich?
Bin ich mehr als wollte dich?
Doch fühle ich so wie nichts.  
Ist es weil mein Kopf ist fort?  
Mein Geist noch fliegt hier und dort...
Einmal muss ich wissen
Warum deiner Herz muss schliessen.
Jetzt alles habe ich
Ist ein Bild von dein Gesicht
:iconshewhoshines:SheWhoShines 2 3
Freeze by SheWhoShines Freeze :iconshewhoshines:SheWhoShines 2 7 Pandora by SheWhoShines
Mature content
Pandora :iconshewhoshines:SheWhoShines 0 2

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To A Flame
It started out as something like a game.
A test for other hearts as well as mine:
Experimenting with a pretty name
and face (I unlike others am not blind).
I'd hoped at last for something different
perhaps to break the dull routine
or prove that I could feel. That's what was meant.
Now I'm uncertain what my actions mean.
Perhaps I've learned to play these games too well.
Perhaps some games can't consciously be played,
but play the pawns. To a tidy mind it's hell:
this sweet confusion in me that you've made.
I never planned to lean in to your eyes
and lose my grip. Let me apologize.
:iconstalkerglaive:Stalkerglaive 3 28
An Alchemist to Her Zombie
I thought I would tell you before we ate
Since with the life we lead any time could be too late
But the sun made me squint and nothing came out right.
Maybe at lunch when the windows aren't so bright.
I was going to tell you when we took our break
How when you smile it makes me sweetly ache
But I mixed two acids by mistake and caused a fire.
Maybe tonight when we're not both so tired.
I really was going to tell you at the door,
Make up for all the chances missed before . . . .
Geier smashed the wall in. I got blamed.
Maybe tomorrow. . . . when I feel less insane.
:iconstalkerglaive:Stalkerglaive 2 16
Rake me with your claws
Let's play
Loosened ties and drunken paws
Fire away
Will we ever get tired of this
Can't say
Open your mouth and show me, show me, show me how you kiss
Give yourself to me, love
Doesn't need to be love
All you need to do
is do what I tell you

If you think I'm the one
That's fine
As long as I think you're fun
You're mine
Call it kismet, kiss me, call it luck
Throw your clothes on the floor and show me, show me how you --
give yourself to me, love
Doesn't need to be love
All you need to do
is do what I tell you

And do it right
Do you like it when we tangle in the moonlight
Ruby, emerald, gold and cream
Drown me in your body
Show me how you scream
Give yourself to me, love
Doesn't need to be love
All you need to do
is do what I tell you
:iconstalkerglaive:Stalkerglaive 2 22
cinderella dreaming by Kecky cinderella dreaming :iconkecky:Kecky 2,380 203
Pan Monologue
He asks to be told lies. So I tell them. They are the only kindness I will afford him, mainly, of course, because lying is the most fun anyone can have without taking their clothes off. Anyway...He needs to be told lies, he begs for them, because only lies can make the world simple enough for him. Only the lies reduce the world down to a size he feels comfortable about. This size may or may not be smaller than the average apple.
And then, despite the epically violent tantrums he throws habitually, with or without me, it is assumed that I am the one who has carefully crafted his uniquely unstable mindset. He can't just have been born more volatile than one of Cassandra's nasty acids, no it must have been my fault. Despite the fact that I have known him for a fraction of his life, a small fraction, I must stress, it is assumed that I have full responsibility for his temperament.
This is, of course, true. I just wish that everyone would take the care the discover the lengths I had
:iconoctironstar:octironstar 3 21
+Uriel+ by kayshasiemens +Uriel+ :iconkayshasiemens:kayshasiemens 1,788 90
Because of their utter awesomeness.


First, the backdrop is lovely. I'm not sure what filters you shoved the stock through, but it really paid off. It's very sketchy (in an...


Just January--What's your Favorite?

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 5, 2013, 12:47 AM
Help me out!  What drawing I drew this January did you think was the awesomest?  I'd love to hear your opinion.  Thanks so much for reading!

--and yes, I know, this skin is obnoxious, but I love it anyway, I don't know why, it just makes me happy TuT

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Because we all do, in our own special way.
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After several years of fighting for skill, my art has started to bloom. I've recently begun experimenting with new styles and mediums and I'm very excited about it all. Outside of the world of art, I'm perky and bold and adore sunflowers with all my vivacious heart. I love to learn and grow and I intend to spend the rest of my life doing so. That's me: Shiny!



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